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The Legalist is a person, idea, an all-encompassing platform that aim to challenge the status quo in the field of law: the existence of ever growing gaps between legal practice and academia, and between these two and legal education. Concretely, the lack of accessible resources, education and insights to perform legal duties; the overabundance of facts, news and information that young lawyers get to deal with on daily basis, and the sheer complexities resulting from internationalization and globalization.

In this light, The Legalist aims at providing research-inspired legal content, with the intention to enrich legal thought , make legal knowledge accessible and raise legal awareness amongst the public citizens and institutions. Now, the Legalist has a network of over 40 regular contributors, 3 partner organizations, approximately 50,000 social media followers, website members, and YouTube subscribers, and over 5,000,000 views and engagements across all platforms.  The Legalist operates via various channels - a YouTube channel, which forms the forefront of The Legalist, social media groups and subgroups, a law journal, a law blog and a scholarship programme. This is 100% free of charge for everyone involved, The Legalist sustains itself via generating funds from ads, and from Awards, and hopefully soon via funds and donations.

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To tangibly raise legal knowledge, awareness, research, and employment conditions of legal professionals and scholars, especially in Egypt and the Middle East.

Creating a range of entertaining & educative videos on law, emerging legal issues and issues of public concern. Providing pro bono legal services to national, regional and international organizations. Editing a law blog to diversify opinion, foster networking and improve legal awarness 


Providing Research inspired content, Objectivity, originality, thoroughness, caring for people and the planet, leading by example, and competence are some of the core values of

The Legalist.

The Legalist segments Arabic lawyers, but also other lawyers from other parts in the world. Segmenting Arabic lawyers is justified by our objectives and by the idea that underpins the Legalist.

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Law absorbs the knowledge of other sciences and disciplines such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, politics and history, and even physics. It then utilizes this mixture of knowledge by logic, reasoning, consensus, argumentation and legal thinking, and by fundamental guiding principles such as justice and equality.


Taken altogether, Law establishes norms and (power) structures in a given society; such norms normatively govern individuals, organizations and the society at large. This is why a society with good lawyers and well informed citizens, can indeed improve and organize their society ideally.


Isn't that really relevant for everyone to learn a little bit more about everyday?

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National, regional and international law topics 


Research, reading, and writing are some of the most necessary tools for an effective lawyer, at work and in society. The Legalist law blog establishes the opportunity to develop these tools. What is different about The Legalist blog is that it is not only intended at informing the reader, but also educating the author. Almost no blog is rejected on this platform, yet high standards of quality is maintained. For that to happen, a team of expert volunteers reviews and edits all submission and provides extensive feedback to authors. Win-win, isn't it?


The Legalist admires feedback, may it be negative or positive. 

He also welcomes questions and ideas and feels happy to talk with smart people.

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