The Legalist is a project established in 2019 as an encompassing all-in-one platform for lawyers and legal researchers in the Middle East. The Legalist operates through various channels such as YouTube channel, social media groups, and subgroups, and law blog. Besides content creation, The Legalist also concludes and aims to conclude national, regional, and international cooperation to foster Middle Eastern lawyers to research, write and express on global issues.

In the long run, the Legalist aims to transform itself into a regionally renowned research center of expertise in the fields of Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Security Law, and International Human Rights Law.

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To tangibly improve  legal knowledge, awareness, research, and employment conditions of legal professionals and scholars, especially in Egypt and the Middle East.

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Creating a range of entertaining & educative videos on law, emerging legal issues and issues of public concern. Providing pro bono legal services to national, regional and international organizations. Editing a law blog to diversify opinion, foster networking and improve legal awarness 

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Objectivity, originality, thoroughness, caring for people and the planet, leading by example, and competence are some of the core values of

The Legalist.

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The Legalist segments Arabic lawyers, but also other lawyers from other parts in the world. Segmenting Arabic lawyers is justified by our objectives and by the idea that underpins the Legalist.

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YouTube Videos, and much more

Law absorbs the knowledge of other sciences such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, politics and history, and even physics. It then utilizes this mixture of knowledge by logic, reasoning, consensus, argumentation and legal thinking, and by fundamental guiding principles such as justice and equality.


Taken altogether, Law establishes norms and (power) structures in a given society; such norms normatively govern individuals, organizations and the society at large. This is why a society with good lawyers and well informed citizens, can indeed improve and organize their society ideally.


Isn't that really relevant for everyone to learn a little bit more about everyday?

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The Legalist admires feedback, may it be negative or positive. 

He also welcomes questions and ideas and feels happy to talk with smart people.

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