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The Legalist Research Institute is a foundation established in 2019 as an encompassing all-in-one platform for lawyers and legal researchers in the Middle East.  The Institute functions through various channels such as YouTube Channel, Social Media Groups and subgroups, Law Blog, Law Journal and a comprehensive Scholarship program. 

On the long run, the institute aims to transform itself over the course of the five years into a regional renowned research center of expertise in the fields of Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Security Law and International Human Rights Law. The institute concludes and aims to conclude national, regional and international cooperation in fields of law at the cutting edge of academia and practice as to foster Middle Eastern lawyers to research and write on global legal issues. 

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To tangibly improve knowledge, research and employment conditions of professionals in Egypt and the Middle East.

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Creating a range of entertaining & educative videos every week on law and it’s functioning in daily life on past, present and future subjects.

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Objectivity, originality, thoroughness, caring for people and planet, leading by example, and competence are some of the core values of

The Legalist.

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Law regulates power in society and as such it reaches into all aspects of life. It also entails logic, argumentation and reasoning, and that makes it interesting to everyone.  

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YouTube Videos, and much more

Law absorbs the knowledge of other sciences such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, politics and history, and even physics. It then utilizes this mix of knowledge by logic, reasoning, consensus, argumentation and legal thinking, and by fundamental guiding principles such as justice and equality.



Taken altogether, Law establishes laws, norms and (power) structures which normatively govern individuals, organization and the society. This is why a society with good lawyers and well informed citizens, can indeed improve and organize their society ideally.

Isn't that really important for everyone to learn a little bit more about everyday?


 The Idea

​People do not need magic to succeed, because they carry within all the power needed to do what they want. If only given suitable resources, shall they thrive and shine.

 The Legalist utilizes the advantages of the present to defeat its disadvantages. Through posting videos online, and other side activities, The Legalist intends to offer you knowledge, but also the ability to acquire it on your own. 

The Legalist drives most of his income from big companies such as YouTube and Facebook, and utilizes this money to provide educative content, expand activities and provide scholarships to students and fresh graduates - legally.

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The Legalist - Waleed M. Elfarrs

Success is not measured in the amount of money you make, but the amount of lives you impact

Waleed M. Elfarrs is an international criminal defense lawyer and researcher.  He firmly believes that a successful legalist is the one who is not only knowledgeable, but also qualified to demonstrate their mind in a way that other people can understand. This is especially relevant in an interconnected, globalized and fast-paced world.

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The Legalist team

You cannot go to the online leagues with average minded people

The Legalist does not operate alone, he collaborates with individuals who proved to be great in what they do. The Legalist utilizes their power and puts it into a wider context. 

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"Learning Law will make you see where there are defects in the system

and how to work constructively and effectively to change it" 

The Legalist aims to educate lawyers and increase public awareness about law and its operation in our daily life. This is more important today than ever, because our societies are deteriorating internally and externally and conflicts are enlarging every single day. A society governed without law, or without the knowledge and application of law, is a society that is vulnerable to other societies and a society that leaves ordinary people at the mercy of the arbitrary abuse of power by those who are simply powerful.


The Legalist admires feedback, may it be negative or positive. 

He also welcomes questions and ideas and feels happy to talk with smart people.

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