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Waleed The Legalist

Inspired by my belief that success is not only based on acquiring knowledge but also by giving knowledge to others, I have developed my legal expertise hand in hand with my ability to fast learn and transfer what I have learned to others. The Legalist is born from this philosophy; it is an extension to what I have been doing as an international lawyer.

As much as I invested in legal practice, I also invested heavily in learning, traveling, networking, and teaching. Thus, next to practicing law, I learned law and research from various universities in different countries and participated in dozens of activities, connected with hundreds from all over the world, and taught law and supervised activities such as moot courts. In this regard, I apply the wisdom that Elon Musk has recently coined: "work twice as hard as others." I think this is the secret ingredient of me being able to pull off The Legalist as is today, next to my work and non-stop education.

What are my personal reasons behind starting the Legalist? I am driven by impact and The Legalist is a game changer for me in this regard; it is an effective method with a multiplying effect to my already ongoing professional and academic pursuits. Instead of solely impacting my own surroundings, through the Legalist I reach out to millions. The videos and blogs that are posted on The Legalist continue to influence, even during night while I am asleep. Isn't this really satisfying? I am driven by helping others and The Legalist is an incredible tool to help others learn, participate and communicate. I am driven by self-learning and The Legalist helps me grow and flourish. To me, the bottom line is, you are only experienced and knowledgeable to the extent that others can be impacted by it: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" - You would never know, right!

If you are interested to see me in motion or connect with me personally, then find me online on LinkedIn, Twitter or see some my favorite picks from my academic and professional participations.

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