Waleed, The Legalist

"to be, is to be perceived" 

Inspired by my believe that success is based on knowledge and perception by others, I have developed my professional expertise hand in hand with my ability to explain and transfer what I have learned. So, as much as I invested in my professional life, I also invested heavily in learning, traveling, networking and teaching. Next to practicing  law, I learned law and research from various universities in different countries and participated in dozens of activities, connected with hundreds from all over the world, and  taught law and supervised activities such as moot courts. 

I started the legalist, because I believe it can be a game multiplier for my pursuits and an incredible tool to help others to learn more and to be better perceived. I also started this channel with the intention to be better perceived; in other words, the channel is a reflection of how far I went reaching out to people's minds. To me, the bottom line is, you are only experienced and knowledgeable to the extent that others can see it and perceived it. Contemplate these great words: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" . 




If you are interested to know, you can find more about me from the buttons below or from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be careful, this is not the full picture, this is only what I let you know about me...

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