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Impact Projects

The cure for Ignorance is inquiry - Prophet Mohamed PBUH

The Legalist Scholarship to Study in Egyptian (LSSE)

In order to attract smart students to the study of law, and help those who already studying law but finding difficulty to afford high tuition expenses, The Legalist offers two different types of LSSE scholarships to students studying in Egypt.

The scholarship provides financial and mentoring support for both graduate and post-graduate students who wish to study law. Diversity of accepted applications is well-taken into account.

Stack of Books

The Arabic World Journal of International Law (AWJIL)

The Arabic World Journal of International Law (AWJIL) is a bilingual law journal aiming to discuss topics, issues, situations from a regional and international law viewpoint. The regionalization and internationalization of our approach can be beneficial in resonating the voice of Arabs worldwide and help Arab lawyers and legal scholars to perceive their own world from an international viewpoint.

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