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The Legalist Scholarship

for Egyptian Students (LSES)

In order to attract more smart students to study law, and help the ones who already wish to study law but find difficulty affording tuition, The Legalist offers two different types of scholarships to students. The scholarship provides financial and mentoring support for both graduate and post-graduate students who wish to study law. Diversity of accepted applications is well-taken into account.

LASS mainly provides two types of scholarships; LSES 1 and LSES 2. 

LASS 1 is only open for Egyptian students who wish to pursue a law degree at an Egyptian university. It covers enrollment fees for Arabic, English and French departments of law and can be used to study in all Egyptian governorates. This scholarship is aimed at getting the best possible outcome for Egyptian law students. You can apply if you wish to study law and you meet the universities' criteria, but are unable to afford the tuition fees.


LASS 2 is aimed at exchange of students and knowledge between Egypt and the rest of the world. It offers opportunities for Egyptian students to study abroad or for foreign students who wish to study in Egypt. Applications for this scholarship are open to all students who wish to pursue a law degree, regardless of their nationality and regardless of where they are located at the time of application. This scholarship is highly competitive.

LASS1 is expected to provide opportunities for the academic year 2021, and LASS2 is expected to provide opportunities for the academic year 2024. Applications will open a year prior to the start of the  respective academic year.

Stay tuned for further notices!

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