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The Arabic World Journal of International Law (AWJIL)

About this journal

The Arabic World Journal of International Law (AWJIL) is a bilingual law journal aiming to discuss topics, issues, situations from a regional and international law viewpoint. The regionalization and internationalization of our approach can be beneficial in resonating the voice of Arabs worldwide and help Arab lawyers and legal scholars to perceive their own world from an international viewpoint.

The AWJIL publishes two volumes a year; one general volume where all articles that meet the requirements will be taken into consideration for publication and one special volume preceded by an annual conference on a specific theme.
For the general volume, we warmly welcome submissions that broadly fit in one of the following categories of approaches:

  1. Critical and theoretical legal approaches to Public International Law and it’s branches;

  2. Comparative studies;

  3. Empirical or interdisciplinary articles.

Instructions for authors

  1. Authors should assure that the article has not been published, submitted, or accepted elsewhere. Articles to be published in a different forum within one year of submission will not be considered.

  2. Manuscripts should contain a minimum of 6,000 words and should not exceed 10,000 words in length, including footnotes.

  3. Articles should include an abstract of 250 words maximum.

  4. English manuscripts should follow the OSCOLA referencing style, Arabic manuscripts should follow the refencing scheme set forth by the legalist.

  5. Authors are requested to consult and follow the Journal’s style-sheet.

  6. Authors aiming for publication for the first time should go through the recommendation-sheet.

  7. The Journal encourages authors to refer to research material published not only in English (USA) but also in Arabic (MSA).

  8. MEJIL is a peer-reviewed journal. Authors are responsible for sending an anonymized manuscript to the editorial office. The manuscript cannot include any information that might disclose the author’s identity. Before submitting a manuscript, make sure that you have three separate files containing:

    1. A manuscript with no information to identify the author/s (only this document will be sent for peer review);

    2. A title page, which indicates the author’s name, article title and email address

    3. A short author biography for each author.

The online submission process

  1. Once your manuscript is ready for submission, email it to where it will be received by the editorial front office.

  2. The email should contain a paragraph justifying why the manuscript should be taken into consideration for publication in MEJIL.

  3. The front office will then make a first assessment whether to forward your manuscript to one or more reviewers.

  4. Based on the feedback of the peer reviewer(s), the editorial team evaluates the manuscript and notifies the author of one of the following possible outcomes: 1) Accept; 2) Accept with minor revisions; 3) Accept with major revisions; 4) Reject with invitation to resubmit; 5) Reject.

  5. Once revised drafts of accepted manuscripts are received, the editorial team works with the author(s) to finalize the piece, consulting with the peer reviewer(s) for clarification where necessary.

After submission

  1. Authors are informed within no more than four weeks of the date of submission. For those manuscripts which are then sent for peer review the complete review process may take up to ten weeks.

  2. Please note that our evaluation process takes account of several criteria. Excellence is a necessary condition for publication, but it is not always a sufficient condition. The need for a balance of topics and language, the Journal’s particular areas of interest, precision, originality, thoroughness are also taken into account.

Editorial team
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