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Learning Law will make you see where there are defects in the system and how to work constructively and effectively to change it

The Legalist aims to educate lawyers and increase public awareness about law and its operation in daily life. This is more important today than ever because our societies are deteriorating internally and externally and conflicts are enlarging every single day. A society governed without law, or without the knowledge and application of law, is a society that is vulnerable to politicians and unstudied ideas from other societies. A society without law is a society that leaves ordinary people at the mercy of the arbitrary abuse of power by those who are simply powerful. The Legalist aims to fill this gap through legal research.

Some of the core objectives:

  1. Improve and update the legalists’ knowledge, skills and methods required for practicing law and in general.

  2. Expand businesses, and therefore employability in the legal domain in Egypt and the Middle East.

  3. Help legalists, and other professionals, cope with changes and dynamics taking place in other parts of the world.

  4. Helping law students, and students from other fields, to avoid spending their time and money on private courses and other shady private academies in the Middle East. Rather, to learn how to self-study, learn online and know how to secure scholarships and internships.


What is not included in the objectives:

  1. Taking sides in or delving into current political debates in Egypt, or other countries.

  2. Discussing and interpreting religions.

  3. Marginalizing the Arabic culture and values.

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