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English 4 Lawyers: - تعلم الإنجليزي القانوني بطريقة الخريطة الذهنية

Updated: Feb 6

This is the third episode from English 4 Lawyers, and it aims to explain some beneficial legal terminology while also instructing the audience to self-study English terminology through mind mapping techniques.

1. Tip of the video

- Tip of the previous video was to improve your pronunciation and not your accent. Mastering pronunciation is important for mastering Legal English. In contrast, mastering an accent of another country is less important and doesn't sound natural.

- Tip of this video is to study effectively using mind maps: connect similar words; learn related vocabulary; related uses; and related pronunciation.

2. The term Legal

The subject of this video is the term Legal, and its derivatives. The following are 5 possible uses (meanings) of the term Legal.

  • Permitted by law: lawful - Is abortion legal in your country?

  • Deriving authority from law: i.e. legal appointment or legal establishment.

  • Recognized by law; rather than anything other than law such as morals or equity.

  • Connected with the administration of law i.e. the legal profession.

  • Connected with lawyers: a legal mind, legal thinking.

3. Synonyms المرادفات

  • Allowable استخدام عام ويجب ان يحدد بكلام أو بسياق قانوني

  • Permissible استخدام عام ويجب ان يحدد بكلام أو بسياق قانوني

  • Statutory في سياق القانون

  • Contractual في سياق العقود

4. antonym الكلمة المضادة

  • Illegal

5. Extensions كلمات منبثقة من الكلمة

  • Legalize (legalization /legalized)(something that was previously illegal) permissible by law. Example: A legalization plan is needed for temporary workers who have become permanent residents. I'm against legalizing drugs.

  • Legality: The fact that something is allowed by the law

  • Legalities: the things that are demanded by law. Example, I'm not sure about the legalities, but I suggest we go ahead with the plan and see what happens.

5. Collocations: تراصفات (كلمات بتيجي مع بعض)

  • Legal: This can [be, become] legal. This is [completely, perfectly] legal. That can't be legal!

  • Legal representative: She [is, need] a legal [representative, advisor]

  • Legal department: I am [at] the legal department.

  • Legal I find the legal [process, definition, framework, system] proper

  • Legal basis: [something is, something establishes] a legal basis for

  • Legal case: have a legal case [against]

  • legal responsibility: has the legal responsibility [to]

  • Legal: is [of] legal age (to) do. someone is [under, above, of] the legal age for [driving, sexual consent, marriage]

  • Legal services or alike: [provide, obtain, seek] legal [services, advice, information, documents]

  • Legal action: [take, undertake, start] legal action (against)

  • Legal proceedings: Start legal proceedings (against)

  • Legal requirements: [comply with, fulfill, meet] the legal requirements (of)

  • Legal notice: Was [served, given, issued] a legal notice

  • Legal fees: [pay, charge for] legal fees

  • Legal implications: The legal [ramifications, implications] of

  • Legal sector: [jobs, positions, experts] in the legal sector/the legal profession

  • Legal terms: A [book, glossary, dictionary] of legal terms

  • The [attempt, act, contract, payment] was not legal

6. Practice: استخدامات في سياق ممارسة القانون

  • Legal representative

  • The legal profession

  • Legal department:

  • Legal memorandum

  • Legal person (legal as a noun)

  • Legal notice

  • Legal aid: free legal service to persons unable to pay for a lawyer.

  • Legal process:

  • Legal proceedings

  • Legal fees

  • Legal advice

  • Paralegal

  • Legal actions

  • Legal dispute

7. Study: words contain the term Legal, and are connected to the study of law

  • Legal systems - Legal terminology

  • Legal Research à legal framework, legal definition system legal ramifications

  • Legal Question / Legal Problem/issues

  • Legal opinion

  • Legal clinic

  • Legal English

  • Terminologies: legal responsibility – legal age


  • Legal age: can already vote, drive, buy cigarettes, drink alcohol, or gamble. fully responsible for their actions. They become liable to the law. Example: These kids cannot buy alcohol. They are obviously under the legal age.

Some uses

  • You have a legal obligation to ensure your child receives a proper education.

  • It's an organization that offers free legal advice to people on low incomes.

  • She won the court case, but she had to pay an enormous amount in legal fees.

  • Channel 4 is running a series on the unfairness of the legal system.

  • Unless the money is returned, we shall shortly be contacting our legal department.

  • But moral conviction and legal proof are quite different things.

  • By this measure all legal proceedings for the recovery of church rates were abolished.

  • He dealt with the question on theological, legal and social grounds.

  • There is a legal limit to physical cruelty; and there are also human limits to it.

  • The eight children do not belong to the woman in any real or legal sense.

  • That this should be so in the case of his virtuous and legal connection he was perfectly certain.

  • Morse did not attempt to get this legal disqualification set aside.

  • It is legal in this dreadful country to have four wives, but I don't care about the law.

  • The others had evidently stayed to hear the legal harangue to a close.

  • His legal opinions, therefore, have ever been held in the highest esteem.

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