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We welcome unsolicited contributions from experts on comparative law, international law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, human rights, and other related subjects. Most blogs are either written by our contributors or by guest blogs written by lawyers, judges, diplomats, and the like, but we judge each and every contribution on its own merits. We welcome new contributors and we particularly welcome blogs from the Middle East.


Our conditions are simple and straightforward;

Contributions should be approximately 1,000-2,000 words long.

  • 10% margin for extra words is granted in case proven necessary.

  • A longer blog is fine, but the author will be asked to divide it in two.

All contributions will be carefully vetted. Contributors can expect to be asked to revise their blogs at least once, and publication is never guaranteed.

Most blogs are written in Arabic, but contributions in English are also welcome.

The Blog does not publish footnotes; use hyperlinks and/or internal parenthetical references instead.

The Blog accepts translated materials, with the condition that the author sends a waiver, agreement, or any other form that shows the possibility of translating the material as such.

Every contribution should be accompanied by a one-sentence bio.

Contributions must be submitted exclusively to The Legalist Law Blog.

The Blog is open for all voices and accepts all perspectives, however;

  1. Racial, ethnic, gender, or any other form of negative discrimination is not appreciated and will not be published.

  2. Content containing implicit or explicit forms of hate speech or incitement to hatred, such that the author uses abusive or threatening speech or expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation will not be accepted.

  3. Materials sent to us will be reviewed and edited by our team, authors should expect feedback not only on technical but also content points.

   4.Importantly, contributors must avoid making ad hominem attacks and using any language that could         be        construed as defamatory.

Our criteria are also simple and straightforward;

  1. Originality; meaning that the work created ought to be new or novel, and thus distinguishable from reproductions, clones, forgeries, or plagiarized works.

  2. Thoroughness; attention to nuances.

How to submit a blog?

  1. Send your blog in Microsoft Word sheet to

  2. Expect a reply within 7 working days:

    1. Accepted; meets all the criteria but will be edited.

    2. Accepted under adjustments; some or all paragraphs require review.

    3. Rejected; does not meet the conditions and criteria.

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