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Take Advantage of this Era
to Overcome its Shortcomings

In the Arab world, many lawyers lack the (scientific) materials, information, sources, instructions, and skills needed to flourish professionally. This disadvantage particularly affects those who are labelled 'fresh-graduates' and older when attempt to step into legal market, in the Middle East and abroad. Two issues arise: (1) young lawyers find difficulty in becoming suitable for internal market (their respective national legal system) and (2) it becomes impossible for them to work and integration and thus learn from or compete with others from other more 'developed' countries.

Compared to their American, European, Chinese, Turkish, Indian peers, Arab lawyers are also not used to the abundance of information and scientific resources. Even in these regions, and given the fast-growing globalized world, dealing with and making sense of information are some of the most difficult challenges. In the law field, these challenges fall under 'Legal Research', 'Research Methodology' and 'Legal thinking'. In terms of substance, these are the aspects that The Legalist is dedicated to either explain or apply (show by example) to its audience.

But let us just say that this era did not only riddle us with obstacles; it provided us with equivalent, perhaps more advantages. We can make as much 'videos' as we want; post them on the 'internet'; and reach millions of people. This is how we choose to look at things and take advantage of this era to overcome its shortcomings. Simply put, The Legalist provides you with what you need in terms of knowledge and skills and make big companies such as Facebook and YouTube pay for it.


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