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The Idea

​People do not need magic to succeed, because they carry within all the power needed to do what they want. If only given suitable resources, shall they thrive and shine.

The Legalist is an idea. It utilizes the advantages of the present to defeat its disadvantages. The Legalist offers legal knowledge and results; in this process, the audience is not a passive receiver, but one that contributes to the process. The Legalist drives most of its revenue from big companies such as YouTube and Facebook and utilizes this money to provide educative content, expand its activities and provide scholarships to students and fresh graduates - legally.

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The Legalist

Success is not measured in the amount of money you make, but the amount of lives you impact

Waleed M. Elfarrs is an international criminal defense lawyer and researcher.  He firmly believes that a successful legalist is the one who is not only knowledgeable but also able to demonstrate their mind in a way that other people can understand. This is especially relevant in an interconnected, globalized, and fast-paced world.

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The Legalists

You cannot go to the online league with average minded people​

The Legalist does not operate alone, he collaborates with individuals who proved to be great in what they do. The Legalist utilizes their power and puts it into a wider context. 

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