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TOLES Examination 2021-2022
Legalist & Notion

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Having noted the increasing traction of TOLES certification in Egypt and its appealing framework, both encouraging lawyers to study and improve their legal English, and thus advance their legal knowledge and widen their career prospects, The Legalist collaborated with Notion Education to invigilate the Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES), free of additional costs and unnecessary prerequisites usually imposed by legal academies.

This is a one-year collaboration aimed at fostering Legal English Education in Egypt, by invigilating TOLES Examination in Egypt. The Legalist is an online educative platform which provides and features accessible educative opportunities to Arab lawyers, founded and directed by Waleed Mahmoud Elfarrs. Notion Education is a growing legal academy in Egypt and a TOLES registered exam center (Egypt) managed by Haitham Nabil and Manar Mokhtar Eldisouky.


According to this one-year collaboration, TOELS candidates located in Egypt can now pay the exact fees required by Global Legal English Ltd.:

  • 1700 EGPS for the Foundation (level) exam,

  • 2000 EGPS for the Higher (level) exam,

  • and 2250 for the Advanced (level) exam.

    • 220 EGPS for late applications

Pricing covers all the necessary expenses that are required to acquire the TOLES certification: sitting the exam; the issuance of certificates. Examinations in 2021 will take place online, and thus examinees are responsible to arrange their computers and internet connection before the time of the exam.

Want to book your exam?

  • Here is the schedule and deadlines for 2021.​

    • TOLES Examination - Batch 1:

      • Date of exam: 24th June  

      • Deadline for application: 4th of June

    • TOLES Examination Batch 2:

      • Date of exam: 19th of August 

      • Deadline for application: 30 of July

    • TOLES Examination - Batch 3:

      • Date of exam: 25th of November  

      • Deadline for application: 5th of November 

  • Here is Notion Education’s email:

    • Title of your email to us: The TOLES partial Scholarship programme 2021-2022

    • In the body of your email state;

      • your preferred level of certification (foundation, higher and advanced);

      • the the desired date of exam

      • whether you are seeking advice on which level to pursue;

      • and any questions you may have i.e., exam dates and deadlines; methods of payment for examination; buying TOLES materials with 30% discount; and COVID-19 related issues, or questions related to exam preparation and the value of TOLES certification to your future goals, etc.

  • For inquiries you can: +20 1200820700























For whom?
In principle, there are no strict rules concerning who can under take the TOLES examination. However, it is designed for those lawyers working or intending to work in law firms dealing with commercial, English and international legal matters.

TOLES examination and materials could be relevant to those aspiring to take the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) at a later stage in their career. The SQE is the test that all candidates must pass to become solicitors in England and Wales.

What are the three levels of TOLES?

Foundation (including but not limited to the following)

  • The legal profession

  • The language of banking

  • The language of contract law

  • The language of employment law

  • The language of the law of tort

  • Understanding contracts 

  • The language of business law

  • Modern letter writing 

  • The language of company law 

  • Understanding contracts 2

Higher (including but not limited to the following)

  • The legal profession, on a higher level

  • The language of banking, on a higher level

  • The language of contract law, on a higher level

  • The language of employment law, on a higher level

  • The language of the law of tort, on a higher level

  • Understanding contracts, on a higher level

  • The language of business law, on a higher level

  • Modern letter writing, on a higher level

  • The language of company law, on a higher level

  • Understanding contracts 2, on a higher level

Advanced (including but not limited to the following)

  • Legal English used in negotiations

  • Common law terminology

  • The terminology of pre-contractual communications.

  • Terminology pertinent to contracts, banking, business, companies, etc.

  • Written and oral contracts.

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

  • Employment law (labor law)

  • Terminology relevant to legal litigation 

  • The law of tort

  • Intellectual property

  • Real estate

Watch The Legalist's video on TOLES; to whom it is for, and how can you self-prepare for the exam;

This collaboration is not aimed at generating profit: It is simply The Legalist's way to advance legal knowledge in Egypt.

What is TOLES?

The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) is a series of practical and industry-led English examinations for lawyers and law students. The TOLES exams are issued by Global Legal English, who are members of the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales. The exams are offered at 3 levels. These are TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher and TOLES Advanced.


All of the exams focus on developing commercial awareness as well as accuracy and the development of a specialist commercial legal vocabulary. The stated aim of TOLES is to meet the English language skills standards of the group of law firms known as the Magic Circle (the five most prestigious London-headquartered multinational law firms) and other leading commercial enterprises. The main topics of the exams include commercial contracts drafted in English, forms of business and the vocabulary of finance.

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